Wednesday, August 3, 2011

R & R @ RR (Part 2)

Between the sunbathing and eating we did get out of the house for a couple different occasions:
Day hiking through Armstrong Redwoods State Park
 I am easily amused, give me a tree and I can have fun for hours...
I'll hug them
 lay in them
 and even try to squeeze my butt into them
 We did an easy trail to start but ended with a more serious hike, and according to my 6 year old niece Sarah it was "the worst day of my life," kids these days, sheesh!

Dinner out at Cork's at Russian River Vineyard
We had planned for one dinner out during the week and decided on Cork's because it was somewhat close, had a good looking menu and is known for their beautiful outdoor patio, it did not disappoint.

We order a lot of food but the only photo I got was this eggplant stack with pesto appetizer, sooooo good!
Since it is also a vineyard we tried some of their wines, including their really good Bella Sonoma Pinot Noir.
  And we might have ordered every single one of the desserts on the menu, hey we were on vacation!
 Raspberry and Lemon Myer Tart
 Strawberry Shortcake
 Bananas Foster
Pecan Pie
I believe there was at least 1 other dessert (chocolate bread pudding) which I didn't have the opportunity to photograph before it got stuffed in people's mouths.  They were all amazing, my stomach aches just thinking about how much food we consumed at that dinner!

The following day the adults took a field trip to the Francis Coppola Winery, this place is like Disney for those over the age of 21.

We did a bunch of wine tasting
 They have some really amazing label artwork
 Then we had lunch on this gorgeous patio
 They give you a paper bag filled with these Pettole which are fried dough balls, this stuff is like crack! I'm pretty sure my brother ate 4 of these before lunch.
Inside they have tons of cool movie memorabilia and other fun stuff to check out.
They also have a gorgeous outdoor pool and patio area with lounge chairs and bocce ball, it is stunning.
We walked away with full bellys, wine buzzes, and these adorable "adult juice boxes" which I have been obsessed with since we had them at our going away party. They come in this cute pink shiny box and even have individually wrapped little pink straws attached.  If you can find them buy them, all of them, at least that's what I do : )

The Russian River trip was a huge success, I'm not sure how we are going to top it next year but I know we will!


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