Tuesday, August 2, 2011

R & R @ RR (Part 1)

This is code speak for the annual vacation my family takes to the Russian River for some rest, relaxation, sun soaking, river floating, and feasting.  It is by far one of my most favorite vacations because I get to hang with my family and friends and do nothing but take in the beautiful weather and serene setting.  We have been making this trip for  many years now, we are fortunate enough to have a family friend who owns a house on the river near Guernville and she lets us take over stay for a week or so each year, thank you Donna!  This house, set on an old apple orchard, is so dear to our hearts that my dad and Danielle actually got married there about 3 years ago. 

Happy early anniversary you two : )
Okay so back to our vacation, my older brother Nathan and his girlfriend Beth and my niece Sarah made the trip in from Chicago which is always a treat.  We had various friends come up and stay with us over the 9  days that we were up there and as usual, it was a fabulous time!  We lounged, soaked in lots of sun, played ping pong, floated in the river, grilled copious amounts of meat and veggies, played bocce ball, drank lots of wine, played board games, made smores and much more.  There were many mouths to feed and we came prepared.  Danielle and I made up a menu the week before so that we could have a loose agenda and most importantly a stocked kitchen.  The menu worked out perfectly and went something like this:
Saturday: grilled burgers, steaks, corn on the cob
Sunday: grilled sausages, burgers, veggies
Monday: 8 homemade pizzas topped with grilled veggies and meats, beets
Tuesday: taco night
Wednesday: dinner out at Corks
Thursday: Asian night= shrimp spring rolls, skirt steak, tofu, and bok choy salad
Friday: grilled sausages and burgers
Saturday: grilled chicken, a gajillion different sides

Yes that's right we still go all out when cooking meals while on vacation, it helps to have many hands and lots of cold beverages to go around. Unfortunately I didn't get photos of some of the best eats including 8 glorious pizzas and fresh spring rolls, sometimes food in one hand and a beer in the other takes precedence over the camera ; ) 
I was too busy reading, chatting, or bagging rays to get much of anything else done (school, blog) so now I've got to bust my butt to get back in gear.  
I'm missing this sweet face already!
And spending my afternoons lounging in this beauty
*thanks to Sussane for these wonderful photos*

I think I'm suffering from Post-vacation-withdrawal-disorder (PVWD) which isn't helping much, luckily Wren and I will be heading up to Washington to visit his dad and Cheri in a few weeks.  They live near Tacoma, so if any of you readers have suggestions on what to do or check out I would love the suggestions.

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