Friday, April 1, 2011

Vintage 1981

Just like any fine wine, I'd like to think that I too get better with age.  Tomorrow I turn 30 and no that's not an April Fool's Day joke.  I was almost born a fool but not quite, I'd like to thank my mom for holding me just slightly longer so that I could avoid a lifetime Fool's day jokes.

This has been a great year for me, lots of changes and still many more to come.  I don't have any edible goodies to share to with you today although I will be baking up some cupcakes later tonight for the celebrations tomorrow, but I wanted to take the time to show my appreciation for all of the things that make Enjoyable Me, enjoyable.

I am incredibly blessed with the most supportive family a girl could ever ask for, including my dad, mom, D'mom, my brothers Nathan, Kristopher, and Kelly, my sister Lena, my "other mother" Gina and my totally adorable niece Sarah.  They have shaped me into the woman that I am today and for that I am forever grateful!  As proclaimed in my previous post, I have the most wonderful boyfriend who continues to inspire me and make me laugh on a daily basis, without his encouragement I wouldn't have started this blog.

And then there are my friends : )  They are the greatest, you may think that I am biased but I really believe they are.  Many of them I have known over 15 years, we have grown up together and shared a hilarious ride of ups and downs.  Most of my good friends live in Chicago so it is times like this weekend that I will miss them dearly but I know that they will be celebrating with me in spirit.  I love you guys so much!

Life is good and I am looking forward to my thirties!  I thought I would share with you a couple pics of mini Enjoyable Me.

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