Monday, January 24, 2011

The Good Life

I've always been pretty blessed; growing up with a very diverse, understanding and supportive family, having great friends, and the opportunity to explore my random passions.  But lately I have been feeling even more blessed than usual, maybe it is all of this California sun, whatever it is, I am filled with gratitude.  Since moving to San Francisco about 3 months ago, my life has changed somewhat dramatically, and yet undramatically at the same time.  I am still close with my family, and friends, and putting my love into the food I eat, but its like I just got upgraded to first class and they keep bringing me warm moist towelettes ( I love those things).

This weekend would be a prime example of how things have been taken up a notch.  After a gorgeous week of sunshine and 60's, Saturday morning we went to the Alemany Farmers Market to restock the fridge.  On a whimsy we decided to get a wood fired pizza from one of the on-site vendors, I mean it's an obligation for a marketeer to get to know all of the food in their local farmers market ; )

They have a handful of fresh toppings to pick from, we decided to go with the spinach (my pick, obvi) and prosciutto (Wren's pick).  The pizza was light with crispy edges but a chewy dough, the perfect lunch before heading out exploring in Marin.

We decided the perfect way to enjoy the lovely weather was with a hike thru Tennessee Valley; we have done this prior but they have a couple different trails to hike or ride and the beach is just gorgeous.  We packed some goodies, a frisbee, and some lacross sticks and hit the road.

The sun was shining so we leisurely hiked to the beach, after playing on the beach for a bit Wren decided we should climb this....

There were other groups of people up top and I knew the views would be amazing so I agreed.  About 10 feet up I was starting to regret my decision.  After some reassuring I continued on, but decided I felt most comfortable close to the ground and basically bear-walked the entire way up. It wasn't until our drive out west and a visit to the Grand Canyon did I realize I have a new found fear of height, this little hike gently reminded me of that.  Once at the top, the views were breathtaking and humbling, at that moment I realized how lucky I was to be having that experience.  We decided the peak would be a great place for our picnic, we munched on leftovers and dried fruit but I also brought along a little jar of wine, it made the moment just slightly more wonderful.

Sunday was mainly spent studying, which is perfectly alright with me because I am loving my new Nutrition and Health Education program at Hawthorn University.  I did take a break to get some vitamin D and walk Lexi, there was tons of people up on the hill, I don't think this view will ever get old.

On our way back down the hill I saw these gorgeous flowers, who would know its the middle of winter!

It was a great weekend, I hope everyone enjoyed theirs as well!


  1. The wine jar is pretty adorable. We didn't have the best impression of the pizza at the market when we tried it. But maybe we made the classic "too many toppings hence soggy crust" mistake.

  2. Don't you just love California?! I'm so happy my husband and I moved here! We've been going on some hikes also - so fun to be able to do that in January! :)