Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cold and Creamy

I jumped into bed after my post last night The Good Life, and then I realized I forgot to include the ice cream!!  How could I have forgotten to include our Sunday night trip to Mitchell's Ice Cream and so I was doomed for the next hour or so thinking about the post and what pictures I would include and how delicious the ice cream is. 

So here it is. The place was packed as usual so we waited in line and contemplated the long list of flavors.  Mitchell's is renown for their gourmet ice cream including some very exotic tropical flavors like Ube (purple yam), Avocado and Macapuno, just to name a few.  Even with all of these exotic flavors my personal favorites are the Toasted Almond and Mexican Chocolate.  Wren and I each got a couple scoops and then ordered a hand-packed pint to go.  This ice cream is so tasty and creamy, just typing this makes me want to go downstairs and grab a couple spoonfuls.  Drool on this....


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