Monday, July 19, 2010


Its been a while since my last post, I was away on a "staycation" in Illsville, Coldorado and lets just say I'm very happy to be back!  Now that my body is back to feeling good I wanted to make sure and support it with some healthy eats.  There hasn't been too much interesting action in the kitchen since my taste buds are slowly coming back around but I did make a new batch of energy/protein bars.  These ones are very different than anything that I've tried in the past since I used yogurt and applesauce as my "liquids," I also chose to bake them individually as muffins.
At the time of this post they were fresh out of the oven and too hot for a true sampling (plus its after 11pm) but I took a small nibble and I think these could be really good!  They have a nice consistency which I think is difficult to achieve when making protein bars especially when you omit ingredients like oil and "traditional" flours as I typically do.  I used blueberry yogurt (it was all I had on hand) in the recipe and it added a nice mild background flavor.  I'll give these a full go around for breakfast and report back with the results.

A couple other shots from earlier in the week, the first round of corn at the farmers market and a lovely avocado I used to make guacamole.  Avocados in my mind are one of the most perfect things on this earth, so delicious, so gorgeous, and so good for you!
My sister Lena gets in town tomorrow for a week, so I'm SUPER excited to spend time with her and cause some trouble in Chicago!  I'm sure there will be some fun posts of our adventures in the next couple of days.

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