Friday, July 9, 2010

Cloudy With a Chance of Donuts

Donuts, meatballs, it's all the same to me.  I'm one of those eaters who never really knows what I want to eat until I see it, this was pretty evident while watching this movie.  Every time it rained something new, whether I even liked that food or not, I was like "oh I want one of those, no I want one of those."  We actually own this dvd which is strange because I never buy dvds, I think this is the first dvd I have ever bought (as a gift for Wren) in my entire life except for P90X but that doesn't count (again a gift for Wren).  Back to my point, the other day while browsing for recipe ideas I saw this donut hole recipe, and thought oh I want to make those!!  Now you are probably thinking there are so many things about this recipe that are "against" my food values, and I felt the same way but I wanted to give it a try anyways.  My main excitement for making the donuts was my fondness of mini food!  At only 5'1 (on a good day) I tend to believe that good things come in small packages, this applies to food as well.  I'm not talking about donut holes people, I mean miniature freakin baby donuts with the hole and all.  Just typing that makes me giddy, weird. 

So I gave it a try last night.  It was my first experience ever frying anything and I was a bit nervous about this but since I was making such small donuts I was able to use a large saucepan with only about 3/4 inch of oil and it went pretty well (minus melting my new thermometer to the pot).  The idea of frying a food was controversial enough for me but I also had to do some tweaking to the recipe itself and swapped out most of the white flour for whole wheat flour, this did result in a more dense cake-like donut but still delightful.  I rolled my baby donuts in cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar.  These little buggers are SO cute I ended up taking 45 photos of them, well the poor lighting last night wasn't optimal for my iPhone camera which probably had something to do with that too.  All in all, I think it was a miniature donut success, I'm looking forward to making future batches and playing around with the dough recipe even more.

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