Monday, July 26, 2010

Adventures in Lena"sitting"

Its been a fun filled week so far with my sis in town, we started it all of by sailing on Lake Michigan with some friends.  We snacked on all sorts of goodies while soaking in the sun, including these delish gooey chocolaty brownies which I figured would be a nice belated birthday treat for a sweet toothed friend. I even kicked them up a notch and added a handful of caramel bits!
There are MANY things I love about my sister, one of them being that she likes to eat just as much as me : )  And of course that she loves to eat healthy!  We munched on some really pretty red corn one night and then picked up these gorgeous "star" squash at the farmers market this weekend and grilled them.
The squash turned out really well, we sliced it into small wedges then drizzled on extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic, s&p and threw it in a grill basket and let it get tasty. 

Having my sis in town brings all sorts of excitement as well as "old friends" I haven't seen in a while such as.........
No people that's not gravel or pet food, its Grape Nuts!!  We use to eat a lot of Grape Nuts growing up and I've always loved them.  Since I haven't been eating cereal in the last couple years they haven't been around much but it was quite nice to have them back in my life.  I forgot how much "fun" it can be trying to figure out how much to pour in your bowl since they seem to quadruple in liquids and then you are stuck eating a bowl of cereal for the next 2 hours.

We are off to get our fitness on but I've got lots more to share about my sister adventures, hope everyone had an amazing weekend!

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