Friday, June 25, 2010

More Eats

The chowing continues, this time with one of my favorites: pizza!  I used a whole wheat dough for the crust and topped it with caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, fresh basil, and artichokes, this combo was definitely a success.  You will notice something special about my pizzas (and all of the pizzas I have made in the past) they are shaped like a heart.  Mainly because the one ingredient I include in all of my cooking/baking is LOVE.  I LOVE to cook, I LOVE to eat, and most importantly I LOVE to share!
To make the meal complete I added some asparagus and a mixed green salad topped with left over pizza fixings. It was ALMOST too pretty to eat, but we did anyways : )

One of my recent bits of "craftiness" was a large homemade chalkboard for the living room wall.  Originally I was planning on painting the wall with the chalkboard paint (thank you Ellie) but then Wren chimed in that this would not be a very smart idea (always the reasonable one he is).  So instead I decided to take this large piece of Plexiglass I had previously bought for another project but never used and turned it into the chalkboard.  Wren did have the lovely idea to write out our meals on the chalkboard, now it feels like we are eating in a restaurant everyday!  And yes that is Leonardo of the TMNT fame announcing our dinner, awesome artwork a la Wren.

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