Thursday, June 24, 2010

In My Belly

We checked out the Logan Square Farmers Market for the fist time this year and got some amazing goodies that have fueled some recent healthy tasty eats.  2 half chickens from Cedar Valley Sustainable Farms were turned into crispy golden "brick chicken" with roasted garlic and a beautiful bunch of Rainbow Swiss Chard and yellow squash were turned into a sweet and spicy saute.  YUM!!!

I also bought a couple herb plants including a "new" kid on the block- Stevia Rebaudiana.  Its a natural sweetener that's been getting a lot of buzz lately, Ive tried the crystals but never the actual plant and thought it might be fun to play around with.  This sweetener is no joke, it is SWEET!  The leaves are reported to be 10-15times sweeter than table sugar.  I chopped up some leaves this morning and put it in my iced tea, it was perfectly lightly sweetened.

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