Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I did some late night experimenting yesterday after my last post when I found this awesome post for homemade fruit roll ups.  I had to try it, immediately.  I made my batch with one mango, a bunch of strawberries, a nectarine, and a lemon.  The whole process is super simple, its just the waiting that drives me nuts.  Unfortunately I don't have a dehydrator which would have made this process much quicker but the oven works just fine too.  You kind of have to play around with the thickness of the puree when you spread it out, I didn't get mine quite thin enough initially.  I love them! They remind me of the fruit leathers I grew up eating and the crazy fruit by the foot I use to see other kids with, I decided to mimic both versions.  I can't wait to  make more and experiment with new flavors, any suggestions?

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